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What Is Electronic Music Called

It is a type of music made using Electronic Tools. It is divided into Electromechanical and Electronic Instruments. Examples of electromechanical instruments are “Electric Guitar, Telharmonium and Hammond B3. If we give an example to electronic instruments; The computer is Synthesizer and Theremin. Electronic Music instruments and technology are used while making electronic music. Electronic music appeared in the late 19th century.

The development of technology before Electronic Music worked for musicians and they used it in the sense of Music. Thanks to the developing technology, Electronic Music has turned into a completely different style from other types of music today. Some of the names that have had a major share in the development of this music genre recently have become names such as deadmau5, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Above and Beyond, Adam Beyer.

Electronic Music

Electronic Music, which will never go out of fashion, consists of 32 different genres. Thanks to the changes that have been experienced since the birth of Electronic Music and with the recent popularity of people, “What is Electronic Music?” The question also confuses people.

Music and Countries have general characters and styles. For example, Germany is a little more Techno music and Techno music is the pioneer. Progressive House is predominant on the coasts of Argentina and the Mediterranean. Dutch Trance music and Deep House listen more in Russia. Recently, Electronic Music has become a kind of music that people listen to every day. Now, the types of music are so confused in itself that when we say Electronic Music, we encounter hundreds of styles in itself. At Now You Tech, we offer you mixes of DJs from many different countries of the world making Electronic Music.