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What Is Space Mining?

As Now You Tech, we have investigated the issue of space mining, which is a newcomer to the global race and even causing a cold war between some countries, and what it is. “What is Space Mining?” with you, our article named.

What is Space Mine?

Before moving on to space mining, I would like to explain what a space mine is. What we call a space mine are asteroids in space. Minerals gases, materials such as iron-nickel and titanium can be obtained from asteroids. These are the materials that will be used in the structures intended to be built in space in the following years. Activities to find these materials in space exploration are called “sourcing in place”. Now that we have explained the space mine, we can move on to what space mining is.

Space Mining

The process of extracting raw materials from space mines, which we just mentioned, is called space mining. Although reaching the planets seems difficult for now, it seems that it is possible to extract raw materials from planets close to the earth in the future. Space mining which, seems to be one of the key elements of our future, has already put several countries in the race. China, India and the United Arab Emirates have entered the space race. There is a space race between the USA and Russia that has been going on for years, which we can call a cold war. In a presentation on space mining, Planetary Resources CEO Chris Lewicki has this sentence.

People will be one of the most important elements in space. Resources will also be required when people get there. So we wanted to develop resources in space to get more people there. We wanted to have to carry less with us while going. At the point we reached, we wanted to trust the resources we could use there.

When it comes to investments, space mining has attracted the attention of most investors. Several laws have been passed, in Luxembourg in the past years. You can identify, an asteroid as a region. You can buy a piece from there and own it. Some laws make these possible. In this way, investors can invest more comfortably in these areas. Because when investors look at the future, they know very well that this investment will return to them.

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