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What is Techno Music? How Did It Occur?

What is Techno Music? Towards the end of the 1970s, the advancement of technological possibilities also found a place in the automotive industry. If technological opportunities were not present in the automotive industry to such an extent, perhaps today’s cars would not have reached today’s levels. Apart from the cars, most importantly, there would not be a genre called techno music.

A techno music genre is a genre that most of us do not know the name of as a genre, but are familiar with the ear. If we explain with examples, the music genre produced by artists such as FISHER, Darude, Martin Garrix, Skrillex and Charlotte de Witte, which we know very well, falls under this category. It is not only with these artists, but also a genre that is engraved in our minds as the theme music of movies such as Blade. In this article, we will answer the question of what is techno music and take it under a deep examination.

What is Techno Music?

Techno is an electronic dance music form that was developed in Detroit, the USA from the late 1970s until the mid-1980s. There are many types of techno music available today, but as a genre in its own right, Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which many other subgenres are built. Techno music’s debut was a mixture of African-American music genres such as funk, jazz, and electro-jazz. When it first came out, it focused on the futuristic and fictional themes of American capitalist society about life.

How Did It Occur?

The city of Detroit was a city that stood out with its industry at that time and was the centre of capitalist production with its car factories. Since it was ahead of other cities in the automotive industry, thousands of workers were working in its factories. With the mechanization brought about by technological possibilities, some workers started to be replaced by machines. Because of this, most of the workers became unemployed in a short time. Because of the limited job opportunities outside the automotive industry in the city, most of the unemployed people left the city. Those who did not leave played a role in the emergence of techno music.

Those who stayed in the city wanted to give themselves time to get away from the troubled times and the gloomy atmosphere of the city. One of Detroit’s limited entertainment facilities was nightclubs. Business owners also started to turn to DJs due to the high cost of artists’ salaries. After people left the nightclubs, they went to the bar known as Factory.

Ken Collier was the name that distinguished Factory from other entertainment venues. Ken Collier was Factory’s chief DJ at the time and was not interfered with by his boss or the audience for the music he chose. He was doing some kind of experiment by mixing the music genres he wanted. He was playing two tracks at the same time, playing with music filters and producing different sounds. People liked this genre very much over time because the transition between different song types was extremely smooth and it was not understood how it was passed.

At that time, the use of FM frequencies in radios had just begun. The artist named Mojo was making a radio show at that time and there were all kinds of tracks on the playlist. The pieces he played on radio programs every day were very pleasing to the listeners. Living in the slums of Detroit, Kevin Saunderson, Darrick May and Juan Atkins wanted to create their musical genre.

After creating a piece called Cybotron, the first example of techno music, they took it to Mojo. Mojo put Cybotron’s record, stopping the music he played on the radio broadcast. Then they got a lot of appreciation. This industrial and futuristic-themed music genre became famous around the world and received the name “techno”.

Its Impact on the Music World

Its techno soundtrack gradually diverged from funk and soul genres to create the characteristic intense groove feel and intense bass lines. The first pioneers of the techno genre blended the rhythm-centred music style of the Motown record company with the music technology of the time. Soul music, funk, house and electro genres combined with European-based synthpop music genre brought a completely different perspective to dance music.

The resulting genre began to have an impact on a wide variety of electronic music genres but managed to maintain its identity as a supreme genre in its own right. It is also known as “Detroit Tekno” in the music world. Then the sound was further refined with the technological possibilities and it became more sophisticated with the addition of jazz air. Nowadays, it has a great place in the entertainment world with the use of different music genres and the edits made by DJs with new possibilities.

To summarize, as Now You Tech, we answered the question of what is techno music in this article. We touched on the origin story of the genre and its impact on the music world. As we can see, there is no area where technology and technological developments do not exist in our lives. In addition to finding a place in the fields of industry, economy, education, health and business, it also found a place in the field of entertainment and played a role in the formation of a new genre of techno music.

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