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WhatsApp or Telegram? Which is Better?

The eternal competition between WhatsApp and Telegram has gained a different dimension with the renewal of WhatsApp’s terms of use and Elon Musk’s sharing.

While the speed of WhatsApp exit accelerates in the world, “Which is better?” The question is wondering by users. So what is the popular Telegram, how to use it? WhatsApp or better Telegram? As Now You Tech, we researched this subject for you.

How to Make a Web Login to Telegram?

Telegram can be used for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Linux). Telegram web login can be done at After entering the phone information on the screen, users can enter the Telegram web with the password they receive.

What Are The Features Of Telegram?

  • The application is cloud-based. In this way, the software comes across in seconds on every platform and the content is matched.
  • Registration with a phone number. However, in the desired contacts, the user name can be contacted without giving a phone number.
  • There is the possibility of secret chat. Telegram does not store correspondence and media files in confidential messages on its servers. In addition, no system log (metadata) is kept for these messages. Thus, even Telegram doesn’t know to whom and what messages you sent.
  • Self-destructing serials. If a message is sent, it can be automatically deleted from both devices after a specified period of time.
  • When you delete a message – its content is automatically deleted from the other party. The message is prevented from being forwarded to third parties.
  • Notify the other person as a warning when a screenshot is taken so that both people can see it in the chat.
  • It stores the non-secret chat messages on its servers.
  • It has the ability to send documents or any type of file in different formats. The file size cannot exceed 1.5 GB. There is no limit on the total number of files shared / sent.
  • There are features in every messaging program such as the ability to prevent unknown numbers from sending messages, to turn off the personal last view, to edit the misspelled message afterwards, to share location, and to voice call feature.

So WhatsApp or Telegram?

Both applications constantly renew themselves. It’s hard to decide which apps are the best with an update almost every week. To make this easy, it is necessary to look at the general features and benefits of applications.

Privacy And Security

Now let’s talk about privacy and security. One of the important criteria in a messaging application should be privacy and security. When talking to other people, it’s very important that messages stay private and not accessible to others. It is not easy to compare both applications in this regard. Because both take a different approach to this issue.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram feature end-to-end encryption. However, there is an important difference. The feature available by default in all chats in WhatsApp is only active in secret chats in Telegram. Normal Telegram chats are still encrypted but not end-to-end.

While WhatsApp uses Signal encryption, Telegram uses the MTProto method for this. Although there are no vulnerabilities in MTProto, experts argue that a known protocol is more reliable.

PIN Code and password can be protected in Telegram chats. WhatsApp is one step behind in this respect.

While WhatsApp is more secure in normal use, Telegram’s private chats, incognito mode keyboard, and optional security layer stand out. Self-destructing messages and screenshots are also putting WhatsApp back in this competition.