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Who Are The Pioneers of Electronic Music?

As we approached the end of the 1940s, two different currents had an impact on the people. One of these trends is known as electronic music. The other trend has been called concrete music. These two currents combined formed the basis of today’s Electronic Music. For this reason, both movements are very valuable for music culture. Both currents preferred sounds found in nature or sounds produced in electronic environment instead of traditionally used musical instruments.

These two sounds have been blended with some musical instruments and have obtained very high quality parts from electronic sounds. The current called concrete music has been translated into our language as real music. This trend has emerged to express that parts can be extracted from all sounds. Music has also been blended with the sound of the sea or the sounds of vehicles. I was argued by “Pierre Schaeffer” that every sound could be a music in my mind. He did not want to be limited in certain tones and tried many different methods. He made changes to the sound with recorders and other instruments. Original electronic music has emerged in this way. As Now You Tech, we have gathered the necessary information for you.

Electronic Music Around The World

Electronic Music has become widespread in all countries over time and started to be performed in England and many European countries. Reel tapes were used and original sounds were obtained by exchanging places between the tapes. Nowadays, these sound changes are made via PC instead of reel tapes. In addition, these sound changes take place in different music genres. The tape cutting process that used to take place in the UK can now be done with computers in a very short time. Since the tapes were cut in ancient times, it was important to make the right decision. Because the tape has not been cut again since the moment it was cut. Nowadays, this process can be repeated over and over and the right one can be found on the computer.

Electronic Music in Ancient Times

In the old times, when the sound on the tape was wanted to be used in several different areas, it was inevitable that the sound quality decreased. Re-registration would therefore be required, which means a lot of time. Nowadays, it has been quite easy to copy and combine sounds from the computer environment. Over time, Pierre Henry was also interested in the movement and supported its progress. In 1951, the first field of study on electronic music emerged. In 1953, another studio was built in Cologne with the contributions of those interested in music. Meyer, Eimert, and Beyer established a field and guided the public in this trend. The best musicians of the past century have worked in these studios.

The Same Century, Two Streams

The methods used to obtain the technique in both streams were similar. The most important difference between these movements is that the concrete movement consists of completely natural sounds. Every sound coming from nature and spontaneous has been used in this stream. In the production of electronic music, various instruments were needed and the sounds produced by them were used. Not only artists but also engineers were closely involved with the electronic music trend. This music is composed of sounds produced entirely by electronic devices and their intonation. The harmony of these sounds together with the instruments still keeps its listeners today.