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Wireless Communications and Radio Inventor

Until recently televisions came into our lives, radio, which Guglielmo Marconi is considered the inventor (according to most sources), was an electronic device that met people’s daily news and music needs. However, the ingenious inventor is primarily responsible for the popularity of wireless communication devices in general, not just radio. A name that has contributed to the communication network of the British navies, from the Titanic, which is said to be “even God cannot sink”. Who is Guglielmo Marconi? Let’s look together as Now You Tech.

Guglielmo Marconi was born in 1874 in Bologna, Italy, to a wealthy family. However, despite having a wealthy family, he did not receive formal education. Still, he had a deep interest in physics. So, at the request of his mother, Annie Jameson, he began training by physics professor Augusto Righi. During his education, he was inspired by notable physicists such as Nikola Tesla, James Clark Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz.

He read Hertz’s work on devices that send electromagnetic waves and can detect them. Marconi saw the potential of these waves to be used in communication. He then focused on this issue.

Telegrams at that time could fulfill the task of communication if a wire was pulled between two locations. Marconi thought that using electromagnetic waves, a telegraph could be made that could be used over longer distances.

Guglielmo Marconi Begins Work

Marconi, babasının malikanesinin çatı katında uzun menzilli iletişim ağı fikri için çalışmaya başladı. Malikanelerinin uşağı olan Mignani de ona yardım ediyor, Marconi’nin ihtiyacı olan şeyleri temin ediyordu. Marconi, sonunda tellerle ihtiyaç duymadan elektromanyetik dalgaları gönderebilmeyi başardı. Daha sonrasında, kullandığı antenleri dikey olarak sırlamanın, menzili 2,4 kilometreye kadar çıkarabildiğini keşfetti. Bütün bu başarısından sonra Marconi bu heyecan verici icadını ticari olarak kullanıp kullanamayacağını düşünmeye başladı.

First of all, Marconi’s invention, which filed applications in his native Italy, was not welcomed by the Italian government. At that time, Italy already had a telegraph line spread across the country. Moreover, he saw enough of the country’s needs. For this reason, the Italian government refused the financial support requested by Guglielmo Marconi. However, Marconi did not give up and wanted to try his luck in England, the trading giant at the time. So he set out for England.

England Is The Door To Opportunities For Marconi

Marconi went on a journey to England for his invention. He thought he might have a chance if he went to the largest trading empire of the time. However, Marconi had one more reason to travel to England in his mind. That is that England has one of the largest navies in the world. From the first moment Marconi saw the potential of his invention, he knew it could be used for communications in the navy. This made Britain an attractive opportunity country for Marconi.

Marconi’s invention was welcomed by the UK Post Office Chief Engineer. The chief engineer immediately directed Marconi to the British government. The UK government heralded that it could provide the necessary financial support for Marconi’s invention.

From this moment on, Marconi, who moved his life to England, further improved the communication distance of his invention during his stay in England. However, Marconi’s work was not limited to Britain alone. The work has also excited France. He then set up stations and sent the first radio signal beyond the English Channel.

Marconi’s work continued to advance after his UK journey and financial support. First of all, “Marconi rooms” were set up on each ship, allowing communication with other vehicles both on land and at sea. These rooms contained wireless-telegraph equipment. Later, Prince of Wales VII. He installed radio equipment on Queen Victoria’s royal yacht so that she could communicate with Edward. Britain also made its first radio broadcast over the open sea on the Bristol Channel. The message posted in this post is “Are you ready?” was.

RMS Titanic and Marconi

The most famous communication publication made by Marconi rooms was in Titanic. An announcement made in the last moments of the ship in the famous shipwreck we know today: “CQD CQD SOS Titanic position 41.44 N 50.24 D. We seek emergency assistance. You should come right away. We hit the iceberg. We’re sinking. “

Guglielmo Marconi himself was one of those who narrowly avoided this accident. Because for the first voyage of RMS Titanic, he was sent a free travel ticket. However, Marconi traveled with RMS Lusitania 3 days ago, fearing that his work would not catch up.

Marconi helped his country in communication by supporting the Italian side in World War I. It provided intelligence and information on critical events driving the war. Guglielmo Marconi died in 1937 at the age of 63. Italy held a state funeral in his name. In memory of his contribution to communication, all radio stations in the world stopped working for 2 minutes. All the radios were silent for the moment.

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