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Who is Howard Shore?

Many musicians come to mind when it comes to soundtracks. As Now You Tech, the guest of this article is Howard Shore, who made the soundtrack of many movies such as “The Lord of the Rings

Born on October 18, 1946, in Canada, the life of the famous musician is full of success. From a young age, music has become a passion for him, and he made a firm decision to devote himself to music. He graduated from Berklee College Of Music, one of the best music schools in the world. He began his music career before playing the soundtrack in a Rock band named Lighthouse by playing one of his favourite wind instruments, Saxophone.

He is a founding member of the band Lighthouse and has written lyrics for some of the hit songs. He then continued his career with a television show, Saturday Night Live. He made a music regulation for the television program that continued uninterrupted for 5 years and enchanted the audience with his live saxophone performances. His first soundtrack experience was the 1979 movie The Blood. Director of the film, David Cronenberg, must have been pleased with the music of Howard Shore that he preferred to work with Howard Shore as composer and conductor in all of his other films.

World Famous Soundtracks

Having versatile musical creativity, Shore has made soundtracks for movies in almost every field. Dominating with the drama aspect, Philadelphia, family movies Mrs Doubtfire, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, The Silence of the Lambs as horror movies, The Panic Room, and of course the fantasy movies The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies. The most important factor in Howard Shore’s soundtrack was that he constantly took notes with the film and its feelings during the periods when he was standing behind the scenes.