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Who is Lemmy Kilmister?

The epic began to be written in England 45 years ago on a cold London evening. Who is Lemmy Kilmister who makes us live with loud guitars and heavy metal? As Now You Tech team, we wish you pleasant reading.

The Birth of the King Who Is Lemmy Kilmister?

Ian Fraiser Kilmister, known as Lemmy, later I’ll explain why they call it Lemmy. Lemmy, the founder of the band, made great, contributions to the heavy metal genre, the identity of the band 45 years ago. Nowadays, it has pioneered many groups, active or inactive, to recognize this species. Famous for his unusual metal style as well as singing to the air on stage, Lemmy also played the biggest role in leading his band.

He founded Motörhead, one of the leading Rock’N’Roll bands such as ACDCBlack SabbathRamones, to Rock and Metal music during his period.

Born in 1945, Ian Fraiser Kilmister was a teenager who grew up without a father. He spent his life with his mother and grandmother as a result of the divorce of his mother and father at a very young age. He was a prominent, pointed young man at a young age, he was nicknamed Lemmy (lend me) for borrowing from his friends during high school, and he had this name written on big stages throughout his life.

After her mother married a Welsh footballer, Lemmy couldn’t get along with them and, continued to live with her grandmother. After his high school life ended, he had to go to South Wales. Lemmy, who started working in the factory of a large white goods company here, saw John Lennon in a small club one day and was very impressed by him, so Lemmy who started his music life started, to be interested in bass guitars and loud sounds from that wonderful day.

Heavy Metal and Its King

Lemmy initially mastered technical issues such as guitar technicians in small groups. After meeting Jimmy Hendrix, his life started to change. Jimmy Hendrix was one of the most famous people of his time, and this opportunity maximized his stage knowledge. Hendrix gave him the role of rodi (stage set-up and instrument technician).

Lemmy, who later worked with many bands, had evolved into a scene-savvy by the age of 30. Lemmy, who founded, Motörhead during this period, took the first step in his music career, that would create success. At the group’s first concert, there is almost no one in the hall. Ashamed, Lemmy took the stage and said, looking up the microphone. This microphone shape has been Lemmy’s signature over time there is such a sad meaning underlying Lemmy’s unique stage stance.

While the band became famous between 1975 and 1990, Lemmy left the European continent and moved to America, where metal music is more popular. On his rhetoric, he had $ 0 in his pocket when he went to America. At the height of the poverty problem, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, ask Lemmy whether she would like to write the four tracks missing from Ozzy’s album at the time. Lemmy, who accepted the offer, earned his first money in America. This is how the close friendship of Lemmy and Ozzy started.

Angel’s Fall

Lemmy, who is always a rebel has shown us this attitude in television programs on the stage and his statements. He was a person who did not appear on television programs because he could not smoke and was investigated for his World War II collection. Although he opposed authority, he always had a place in our hearts. Lemmy lived in a messy and rebellious way. He used to smoke, alcohol, and drugs. Before these bad habits took him from us, he spent his last moments playing his favourite console game, and he learned that he was sick just two days before he died.

In short, a legend, a godfather, passed through the world of music. Lemmy, who is considered the father of the heavy metal genre by many, drowned us in deep sadness with his death, while many famous names were present at his funeral, everyone shed their tears into the sky. Every wonderful journey had an end, and we saw this end when he was only 70 years old. Rest in peace, beautiful person.

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