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Why We Dance? What Is Our Dancing Habits And The Evolution Of Dance?

Music and dance live in harmony with each other. It directly affects the brain related to senses and consciousness and turns into a dance with the movement reflex of the body in physical and psychological terms. We can use different definitions to describe dance. Scientists can’t fully explain why we love taking action so much, but we have a lot of evidence to explain our situation. For example, many studies have shown that the harmony we get with music can create a sense of pleasure that governs our ears, brain, and both sides of our movements. It is a special feeling. We will present these feelings to you as Now You Tech.

A person dancing; It strengthens one’s social relationships and provides healthy physical development, improves self-confidence and self-esteem, and learning-attention skills. Dance is also a communication tool that has existed to this day and includes them all. Dances and dance habits with basic instincts actually live for many years for some reason. This dance develops as people seek performances from their partners to show their attractiveness and then become the cornerstone and totem of local tribes. Turkish dance is a rhythmic, magnificent folk dance with occasional dramatic elements. It is connected to the cultural structure of each type of various ethnic regions of Turkey. Therefore, Turkish dance habits have developed in this context. However, dance habits may vary depending on the cultural structure of the family. The dance habit gained at a young age is provided by courses and private lessons. A person can focus on the dance they are interested in and develop in that area. In this way, he can gain a dance habit and continue it in the following years. However, in today’s Turkish culture, dance is not given much importance. Dancing as a hobby or profession is not preferred by most of the people.