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World’s Biggest PS5 Console

Get ready to meet the world’s largest PlayStation 5: This PlayStation 5 is 3 meters tall, costing $ 70,000 and, it works!

YouTuber ZHC, a PlayStation fan, has prepared a special PlayStation 5. Its size is exactly 3 meters, and its weight is exactly 500 kilos. Moreover, it is not a mock-up it works completely. YouTuber, who signed the world’s largest PlayStation 5, spent 70 thousand dollars while preparing this device and sweated about 100 hours for this project. The result is enormous.

ZHC not only designed the console but also rebuilt the DualSense to suit these dimensions. During the presentation, it can be seen that he plays a game with this DualSense. You can watch the video prepared by YouTuber right above. The video has received 12 million views so far.

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