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YouTube Music Meets The Expected Feature

YouTube Music, which increased the competition in the digital music industry with its launch in 2018, continues to rise successfully within two years. The fact that it is offered to the user with advantageous packages such as the pricing schedule and YouTube Premium is seen as the main success behind YouTube Music. The music application, which continues to pose a threat to its closest competitor Spotify, is on the agenda with a background change on the Android side.

YouTube Music Now Has a More Consistent Theme

Unlike other Google Apps, YouTube Music started with a dark theme and there was no light colour option available. However, in YouTube Music’s night view, there were parts that were light grey. The light grey colours in the mini player and app bar are now compatible with the entire theme.

It seems that it will be welcomed by many users to switch the entire theme to dark mode, with the Android status bar also turning black. Providing a highly unified and consistent experience, this small adjustment promises an eye-pleasing use experience. This change noticed on Reddit took place a few days after the update. In addition, the renewed view has been made available to users for the web client.